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We are very lucky to have such an expansive ocean playground, however there are some spots where certain activities just aren’t possible. Know the gulf before you go- download the MarineMate App for further information.



Kawakawa Bay

48/86 Kawakawa Bay Coast Road, Kawakawa Bay, Auckland 2585

The club boat club ramp has four lanes with pontoon and sea wall. It is a great all weather and all tide ramp- Day memberships are available for $20 per day (payable on arrival at the ramp)


There is a free public ramp, but you cannot launch and retrieve at low tide and we don't recommend to use this 

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194 Maraetai Drive, Maraetai Auckland 2018

Single-lane concrete ramp useable two hours either side of high tide. Inner Gulf ramp, so fairly protected, but exposed to the north and east.









Halfmoon Bay

Ara-Tai Road, Half Moon Bay, Auckland 2012

Four-lane and three-pontoon concrete all-weather, all-tide ramp. 

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